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Park up and Post

Test Valley Borough Council is set to create two new short-stay parking spaces in Waterloo Court to enable those with limited mobility to be able to park as near as possible to WH Smith when Andover Post Office relocates there.

One of the main problems with the Post Office’s proposal to relocate to WH Smith is that there is no parking directly outside the store for those with mobility issues.

When I met the Post Office's Head of External Affairs, Ken Penton, last year I said that they needed to come up with an adequate solution to this issue. Unfortunately, that wasn't immediately forthcoming, so Test Valley has stepped in.

I recognise this is not an ideal solution for everyone, but having consulted with people in Andover who have disabilities, I hope these additional spaces will make things a little easier for our residents that struggle with mobility.

The council will shortly begin a consultation to amend the traffic regulation order to implement the new short-stay spaces. It is anticipated that they will be in place in April.

The proposed bays are the ones marked in a brown/orange colour on the plan.

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