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High Court Grants Traveller Injunction

Great news. The High Court has today granted us an injunction to prohibit the setup of unauthorised traveller encampments in and around Andover. The court also agreed to attach a power of arrest to the injunction, which means those that are in breach of the order can be detained by police and taken to court.

We simply cannot endure another summer like last year with travellers breaking onto land, behaving antisocially and leaving behind a trail of fly-tipped waste and human excrement. Their abhorrent behaviour has had a massive impact on the local community and it’s not acceptable that taxpayers have to foot the bill for the cleanups.

My thanks to Test Valley Borough Council officers and Hampshire Constabulary, who have painstakingly pieced together the evidence which has led to our success in court today.

Although I hope the injunction will primarily act as a deterrent, as it has in other areas - we are working with the police to agree a protocol for future enforcement action.

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