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Concern over Augusta Park Compounds

Augusta Park residents have contacted me with concerns over two compounds constructed or due to be constructed by Taylor Wimpey to enable them to carry out remedial works to properties across the development. These are located in Cowslip Way and Copper Box Close, both on the Northern side of Augusta Park. In both cases, I asked my planning enforcement team to investigate:

Cowslip Way: The pictured container was erected by Taylor Wimpey. In my opinion, this was far too close to the road and to local residents, and quite frankly dangerous. After a conversation with my Planning Enforcement Team, Taylor Wimpey was asked to remove it and this has now taken place.

Copper Box Close: Currently, this site has a part constructed wooden fence opposite the junction of Stratford Close. Taylor Wimpey’s Senior Site Manager stated that other sites had been considered but the placement in this location was considered to be causing a lesser impact than the other sites.

It is anticipated that this compound will provide a site office, welfare facilities and storage space for low amounts of materials for a period of up to 6 months. There will be no requirement for a high level of materials to be stored, therefore there will be no high-level storage, no mortars dispensers and the containers will be single storey.

In order to soften the impact of this site on the neighbouring properties, Taylor Wimpey intends to add temporary landscaping and a new temporary footpath will be formed to allow residents to pass around the site unhindered.

Unfortunately, as the land has yet to be transferred to the Council’s ownership it remains in the control of Taylor Wimpey. As such they have certain Permitted Development rights which allow them to place temporary buildings there in order to undertake works on any adjoining land. This is covered in Schedule 2, Part 4, Class A of the General Permitted Development Order which in summary states: “that buildings, movable structures, works, plant or machinery can be placed on the land or land adjoining such land for a temporary period of operations as approved by a planning permission. The conditions of such a temporary use of land is such that as soon as the operations have been completed that the land be reinstated as soon as practicable with all items mentioned above removed from the land.”

I’m not happy with this – especially as the land in question forms part of the public open space and is due to be landscaped. I have, therefore, asked my officers to investigate that, by creating a temporary compound, whether Taylor Wimpey is in breach of their ‘Section 106’ obligations to landscape the land within a certain time-frame


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